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One Patient’s Story

I know a patient with Retinitis Pigmentosa and Astigmatism. Her name is Tenni. (The first picture is Tenni and her blind dog.)

She was almost blind 6 years ago. Her ophthalmologist told her that her vision was deteriorating rapidly and she was going to be blind in a few years. Soon after that, she started the Micro Acupuncture treatments which have improved and stabilized her eye condition. She drives 4 hours to the clinic for maintenance treatments a few times a year. Now she is still driving. It’s truly amazing.

What is equally amazing is that she discovered that she could paint. She’d never painted before and had no any painting or drawing training. With her eye condition, she has managed accomplishing quite numbers of paintings which she showed me some of them. The sizes are from baseball cards (with all the details) to poster. I was amazed by her talent. I told her that I’d put her paintings on my website. So here they are. Hope you’ll enjoy her art work as much as I do. Please click the individual picture to enlarge it.

1. Tenni & Kayla, the blind dog2. Fence Girl3. Little Girl4. Rest

5. Gabrial6. Angel7. Angel8. Angel

9. Fall Beauty10. Nature11. Mount View Clear12. Tenni 2010 Aceo Cards

13. Faith To Believe14.  09.21.201115. Fenced By Trees16.This Old House

17. Bluejays18.Candle Glow19. Fruits of the Spirit20. Fruits

21. Fruits22. Moon And Wolf23. Tiger24. Lion

25. Lion