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Most of Degenerative Vision Disorders happen to the people who are retired or close to their retirement with limited income. Acupuncture treatment is not covered by Medical Care. Your generous donation will help patients mainly seniors with vision disorders who have financial difficulties with their treatments. Your generosity today will give the gift of sight to people affected by Vision Disorders.

They are two ways to donate:

  • You can either send your donation to West Coast Micro Acupuncture Vision Clinic to cover a receiver’s treatments. The clinic will provide you a payment receipt with the donation receiver’s name and contact information. We will also email you his/her treatments’ progress if you wish.
  • Or we can provide you the receiver’s name and contact information; you can send your donation directly to the receiver if that’s your preference.

Please feel free to contact WCMA Vision Clinic at info@wcmacanada.com with any questions you may have regarding the donations.

Thank you!